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History of the Society - Iranian Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons

History of the Society

Aims of establishing Iranian Society of Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeons

Iranian society of plastic & aesthetic surgeons, is one of the oldest societies and is at the same level of scientific societies of the word. Iranian society of plastic & aesthetic surgeons has established with the help of pioneers in this field and has enjoyed/ possessed from education of well- known professionals of the world, such as Professor Paul Tessier, Joe Murry (owner of Nobel Prize) and Professor Mission.

These namely specialists have been trained our plastic surgeons, in their travels to Motahhari Hospital from 1955, which has helped to improve position of this field in Iran. In this line, 8 years of Iran- Iraq war creates a revolution in plastic and aesthetic surgery of Iran. In this time, not only the surgeons of this field helped to the wounded people, but also this war was a factor in prosperity of this field in our country.

Lack of familiarization with recovery of war damages, led the scientific centers and liable institutions including Veteran’s Foundation, help to improve quality of diagnostic and therapeutic services, by invitation of the well- known surgeons and pioneers, who had gained worth experiences during World War II.

The skill in reconstructive surgery  which consists parts of the plastic and aesthetic surgery  made our plastic surgeon more capable and aware so they could provide aesthetic surgeries available to those who need surgery. The main aim of Plastic and aesthetic surgery is about the desire of beauty in human beings which is in the Iranian culture.

Fortunately, Iranian surgeons have enough skill and knowledge in all of the fields and are among the valid countries of this field. Large number of plastic and aesthetic surgeries are done daily in our country, with the best results. The nose is the most prominent part if the face and is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries. Our specialists have skill and capability in this field. Unfortunately, involvement of unskilled people in this field, make trouble for both patients and this society.

This society consists of surgeons who have passed surgical training, and passed course of plastic surgeon after receiving course of general surgery. After that, they will receive plastic specialist (plastic surgeon).

We hope that you can find the surgeons of this field with awareness and complete assurance, eliminate your aesthetic needs and don’t have guilty feeling after doing the procedures.

Board of directors of the society
Dr Hamed

President of the society

Doctor Medical Council No:


Secretary of the Society

Doctor Medical Council No:

Dr Babak

Vice President of the Society

Doctor Medical Council No:

Akhoondi Nasab

Treasurer of the Society

Doctor Medical Council No:

Dr Abdoljalil
Kalantar Hormozi

Board Member

Doctor Medical Council No:

Roin Tan

Inspector of the Society

Doctor Medical Council No:

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