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A message from chairman of the society - Iranian Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons

A message from chairman of the society

I’m so glad to see site of Iranian Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeons Society.

To inform you, this site is exclusive for surgeons who have trained in educational course of plastic surgery confirmed by Ministry of Health and Medical Education and become member of Iranian Society of Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeons.

Field of plastic surgery includes all surgeries and cosmetic surgeries, reconstructive surgeries and compensation of the lost tissues of the skin, musculoskeletal system, skull, jaw and face, hands, legs and body.

A plastic surgeon plays a key role in improving appearance and result of the surgery by using aesthetic principles.

If the surgery done by the listed colleagues causes dissatisfaction of the patient with reasonable reasons, you can call with the society, consult your concerns with us, and be assured that the society will try to solve your problem.

Keep in mind that, such as any affairs of the life, surgery has possible risks, that can be due to unknown abnormalities in the body’s anatomy. I advise you to ask all the possible risks during consultation and have necessary cooperation with your doctor, if you have problem.

Hope to have satisfaction from result of the surgery, I wish you the best of luck and may you be a winner every time in life.

Dr. Hamed Bateni

President of Iranian Society of Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeons

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